Why Choose Shots with Molly Carr?

Are you getting married soon and still trying to decide who will be the photographer for your special day? Here at Shots with Molly Carr, I ensure that you are my top priority! From the moment we first meet to the day of your wedding, my goal is to make sure that you have a stress-free and unforgettable experience. Here are three reasons why you should choose me as your wedding photographer.

Attention to Detail

When it comes to capturing all the beautiful moments at your wedding, I pay attention to every detail in every image. I use a combination of natural light and artificial light for optimal lighting for each shot. I also take into consideration any specific requests that you may have when it comes to capturing special moments or photos of family members or friends. My attention to detail ensures that all of the images taken on your big day are stunning and reflect all of the emotions from all of your special moments.

Personalized Experience

I am passionate about creating an experience that is unique and tailored just for you, because no two couples are alike! On top of providing beautiful images on your wedding day, I also provide one-on-one consultations before your big day. This allows us to get acquainted so that when it’s time for photos on the big day, there is an even greater level of comfort between us and you can trust that I truly understand what makes your relationship so special.

Seamless Day

My goal is always to capture stunning images while ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly with no hiccups along the way! So not only do you get amazing photographs but also a seamless day where everything runs like clockwork! You can rest assured knowing I am taking care of everything photography related while allowing you to enjoy this once in a lifetime event without any worries or stress!

Getting married is such a special time in life - make sure it’s documented perfectly with beautiful images by choosing Shots with Molly Carr as your photographer! With my personalized approach and attention to detail, you can relax knowing that all those precious memories will be captured just how you imagined them - beautifully! Plus, I make sure everything runs seamlessly for an extra enjoyable experience. Contact me today so we can start planning together - let's make this happen!